About Us

Nathaniel Davies


Cimspa and reps verified.

Advanced Level 3 Personal Training diploma including - Postural assessment and correction, Myofascial Release Therapy, Advanced Training Systems (Including HIIT), Medicine ball and body weight training, Circuit training.

instagram- @nateslyf

Location- Borough Green, Kent 

Our Goal

Fitness is our passion and we want to share our knowledge and love for the industry with you. If you're looking to build some muscle, get stronger, loose weight or just tone up we've got a plan for you. We strive to make fitness simple and fun, We want to help motivate you to change your habits and enjoy living a healthier lifestyle. If you have any questions please drop us an email at nypersoanltraining@outlook.com. Get that NEW YOU feeling !

Core Values 

Too many of us have wasted our time in the gym performing exercises and going through the motions without actually achieving anything, this leads us to become demotivated and we give up. 

As trainers we strive to give you the best possible results and help you achieve your goals with the highest quality training we can provide. I can promise you we will give you support every step of your journey and ensure you prosper not only physically but mentally as well. 

What we expect 

We will give all our resources, support and expertise to our clients. All we ask for in return is 3 things, the commitment to self growth and wanting to challenge themselves physically and mentally to grow as an individual. Discipline, clients should be ready to train and be prepared for every session and transparency, if something is bothering you or you are unhappy with a programme, let us know, then we can change it and always ensure you are 100% satisfied and happy. Fitness isn't instant it takes work and dedication we will always give you 110% in a session and expect the same in return.